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From Zero Joy to Zero Stress: Making Flexible Scheduling Work

An ESRC Impact Evaluation Project

Studying at Cambridge



Zero Stress Workshops

The Zero Hours to Zero Stress Workshops were aimed at Human Resource Managers, Health and Safety Managers, Trade Union Officers and Health and Safety Reps. The workshops offered the opportunity to learn why and how to incorporate harmful scheduling within health and safety frameworks.  

Experts from the University of Cambridge, the CIPD and the TUC presented cutting edge research on the implications of harmful scheduling for health and safety.

The workshops also provided a valuable opportunity to share and develop new health and safety frameworks and incorporate manager-controlled flexible scheduling. With a view to ensure that workplaces not only comply with the law but that flexible scheduling works for both employers and employees; reducing stress and increasing efficiency and productivity. 

The two free half-day workshops (one in London and one in Cambridge) were supported by the CIPD, TUC, British Safety Council and Safety Management Magazine.

Participants from the workshop will also received a free copy of a report documenting the outcomes of the workshops.

Here is a link to a write up for the London workshop on the CIPD website:

Risk of tribunals increases with rise of flexible, insecure contracts, finds research

Here is a link to an earlier magazine article on the 'Zero hours' topic:

Safety Magazine 

Workshop details

Below is the Programme for the Workshops
(with links to some of the presentations) 


'An introduction to the stress of insecure scheduling and the role of health and safety'
Dr Brendan Burchell & Alex Wood, University of Cambridge

'Zero hours contracts: enabling flexibility or a source of exploitation and abuse?'
Hannah Reed, TUC

'What is the actual experience of zero and short-hours contracts?'
(latest CIPD research referenced in presentation)
Gerywn Davis, CIPD

‘Work and home balance or imbalance?'
Peter Kelly, Health and Safety Executive

Questions and discussion


Delegates were split into small groups to discuss:
'Experiences of flexible scheduling and how it can be improved'


Workshop 1

23 November 2015

9:30 - 13:00

Broadway House

Tothill Street

London, SW1H 9NQ

Workshop 2

30 November 2015

9:30 - 13:00

Magdalene College

Cambridge, CB3 0AG







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