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From Zero Joy to Zero Stress: Making Flexible Scheduling Work

An ESRC Impact Evaluation Project

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If you’re a Human Resource Manager, Health and Safety Manager, a Trade Union Officer or a Health and Safety Rep then the free Zero Hours to Zero Stress Workshops offers you an opportunity to learn why and how to incorporate harmful scheduling within health and safety frameworks. Experts from the University of Cambridge, the CIPD and the TUC will present cutting edge research on the implications of harmful scheduling for health and safety. The workshops will also provide a valuable opportunity to share and develop new health and safety frameworks which incorporate manager-controlled flexible scheduling. Ensuring that your workplace not only complies with the law but that flexible scheduling works for both employers and employees; reducing stress and increasing efficiency and productivity.

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Zero Joy to Zero Stress Project

The 'From Zero Joy to Zero Stress' project has been funded by the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account Programme at the University of Cambridge. Click here to read more about us.

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